About Us

Indoor air quality and moisture problems are misdiagnosed too often, mistakenly attributed to surface issues that appear obvious to the naked eye.

The reality is that buildings are complex and the key to a healthy and well-performing building, residential or commercial, relies on a comprehensive approach.

At Building Forensics, we are experts at not only the design and operation of air conditioning systems, but also how other parameters such as building materials, construction and occupant behavior contribute to the problem.

Whether we are involved in the initial design or investigating a problem, we apply engineering principles and years of field experience to prevent and resolve indoor environment issues.

Our fact-based and scientifically-backed methods help in the clear identification of responsibilities where multiple parties are involved. This unbiased approach has proven to achieve the most desirable outcomes in terms of successful resolution and repairs for our clients.

We provide services to high-end residential and commercial clients and are experts at diagnosing and resolving the most difficult condensation and mold growth problems.

When hired as an HVAC design engineer, we work closely with architects and contractors to provide all the benefits of our investigative experience applied to the building envelope and other components of construction.

As Professional Engineers (PE), we understand how systems operate and how they can be optimized to provide not only a better indoor environment, but one that is more energy efficient.

Krishna Das Achath
Owner / Engineer

  • Registered Professional Engineer (FL PE 81966, TX PE 108442)
  • Certified Geo-Exchange Designer (CGD-In Traning)
  • CIEC (Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant)
  • CMRS (Certified Mold Remediation Supervisor)
  • State-licensed Mold Assessor and Continuing Education Provider
Professional Memberships
  • IAQA
  • NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association)